January 28, 2022

Democrat Mayoral Candidate Zul Mohamed Arrested, Charged With 109 Counts For Mail-In Ballot Fraud Scheme

OPINION by DINO PORRAZZO at Deplorable Tribune –

A Texas mayoral candidate was arrested Wednesday night and faces felony voter fraud charges after allegedly sending 84 applications for mail-in ballots, FOX News reports.

Zul Mohamed, who’s running to become the mayor of Carrollton, a city roughly one hour north of Dallas, was charged with 25 counts of knowingly possessing a ballot with intent to defraud, a second-degree felony, and 84 counts of providing false info on a voting application, a third-degree felony, according to the Texas attorney general’s office.

If convicted, Mohamed faces up to 20 years in prison for these offenses.

“I strongly commend the Denton County Sheriff’s Office, the Lewisville Police Department, and Texas Department of Public Safety as well as the Denton Elections and District Attorney’s offices for their outstanding work on this case and their commitment to ensuring a free and fair Presidential election in the face of unprecedented voter fraud,” said Attorney General Paxton. “Mail ballots are inherently insecure and vulnerable to fraud, and I am committed to safeguarding the integrity of our elections. My office is prepared to assist any Texas county in combating this form of fraud.”

Mohamed allegedly obtained a virtual mailbox using a false identity, forged at least 84 voter registration applications for unwitting Denton residents and had them sent to a fraudulent location. At the time of arrest, Mohamed was in the process of stuffing envelopes with additional mail ballot applications for neighboring Dallas County.

FOX reports that the sheriff’s office said that on Sept. 23, investigators became aware someone had requested absentee ballots be sent to a P.O. Box in Lewisville, Texas, which allegedly belonged to a nursing home facility. But when investigators contacted Carrollton residents whose ballots had been requested, those individuals said they had not applied for the ballots.

Police said they learned the P.O. Box had been obtained with a fake Texas driver’s license and a false University of North Texas student ID. Police began surveilling the postal facility.

On Wednesday, the box of requested ballots was picked up at the facility; when police searched Mohamed’s house, they allegedly found the box containing the registered ballots, with several already open.

“Voter fraud is a serious and widespread issue and cannot be tolerated,” Denton County Sheriff Tracey Murphree said in a statement. “The fact an actual candidate for public office would engage in these activities is appalling. We will continue to aggressively investigate allegations of voter fraud.”

The attorney general’s office has prosecuted 457 instances of fraud since 2004.

Steven Ahle at Illicit Info Opinion Blog reports that this has been a common theme this year. Four Democrats were arrested in Paterson, NJ after their mail-in balloting fraud was discovered. A new election had to be scheduled.

In Texas, Joe Biden’s political director Dallas Jones has been snared in a mail-in ballot harvesting scheme. Two Democratic elected officials are also allegedly involved.

Also in Texas, four people, Shannon Brown, Marlena Jackson, Charlie Burns, and DeWayne Ward were arrested for illegal ballot harvesting of mail-in ballots.

The bottom line is that voter fraud as well as voter suppression is real.

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  2. this is what happens when certain people disrespect our government and our country come here and have no appreciation of our generosity , but seek to corrupt our way of laws and Democratic system.

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